Check By Phone E-Check Payment Gateway Solutions

Etelcharge #1 High Risk Check Processor

High Risk Web Electronic Check Payment Processing

ETELCHARGE ECheck Processing can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordable online.

We have the products to integrate into virtually any payments software and to be able to scrub out fraud, other bad transactions and is convenient for your customers.

We use a variety of payment gateways and products to help you sell online we can assure you better pricing to make sure that your business is getting the best value.

All High Risk Industries Welcome

What types of businesses are acceptable? We work with most business including all types of high risk companies that may be declined or having trouble with traditional merchant account credit card processors.. We handle collection agencies, timeshare companies, travel industry, cbd/herbal products. All Legal / Licensed business are acceptable! Will I be accepted for the service? About 99% of applications are accepted. There is no cost to apply, so please feel free to apply

If you are considering whether online payment solutions will work for you, just ask yourself if you want to save time and money. Most people do. It’s easy to set up automatic electronic financial transfers. You can have your wages directly deposited to your account. No more rushing over at lunchtime to deposit your check. You don’t even have to wait for your check on pay day. Automatic transfers are confirmed in your account much faster than a paper check you personally deposit at the counter or ATM. Another great benefit is all of the bills you can pay online. No more licking stamps or having to buy stamps just to mail your bills and hope they are received on time.

Whether you are a business owner or individual, electronic fund transfers help keep you organized. They are an ever increasing, secure way of doing business. Transfer records are easily accessible and errors are very rare as long as initial account information is entered properly. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or bill you want paid. There is always a way to wire someone an electronic transfer. One huge benefit is that transactions can be make in real time and approved quickly. So if you are a starving college student waiting for pizza and beer money from home, you don’t have to wait as long with online payment solutions.

You can help teach your kids good fiscal habits by showing them how easy it is to organize and spend only what they have in their accounts. With online payment solutions, money spend and received is clearly organized, almost immediately. So instead of you or your kid having to balance a checkbook, the math is done for you be referring to the appropriate section of your account or running a specific report. With this easy organization, it’s easier for spouses and partners who have joint accounts to have accurate information before making a transaction. If your husband wants to buy a high-priced item, he might need to know how much you just spent on another high-priced item. If you write a check, that check may not clear for a few days. An electronic transfer makes it obvious what the current bottom line is on an account to those who need to know.

Online payment solutions can help consumers strengthen your credit score over time. Automatic payments that you set up make sure your bills are not paid late and prevent service restriction from providers.