Check By Phone E-Check Payment Gateway Solutions

Etelcharge #1 High Risk Check Processor


ETELCHARGE High risk ACH payment processing is what we do, we can find a solution for your business. Focusing on taking care of the Client with a variety of business products. We offer low ACH rates with attention to service.

You might be thinking that while ACH processing sounds like it would be efficient, reliable, and far more convenient that waiting for all those paper checks to clear into your account, it is very easy and efficient to use and, in most cases, these electronic transactions are very inexpensive, sometimes as little as nineteen cents per single or recurring transaction. This means that for a small investment, you’ll be able to get big returns in the form of saved time and money.

If you think that you’re business is getting along just fine without ACH processing, think about the fact that over forty percent of all Americans are already using some form of electronic payment processing to pay at least one of their regular or reoccurring bills. This is proof that people are able to adapt to these systems, and that they actually prefer them because it helps them to keep their accounts up to date, and receive better service from the businesses that they patronize. If you’re interested in making your business more efficient and profitable, it’s time to consider making the switch.

We have the Products that will meets your business needs. We have the best ACH bank relationships to get you the lowest rates, easiest to use products, and best service; if we are not offering the product you need let us know and we can probably accommodate.

  • Accept payment from any one with a valid US Checking account

  • Funds from eCheck transactions are confirmed in the customer's account in seconds.

  • Merchants worldwide can use eCheck to accept electronic check payments

  • International merchants accepted

  • Consumer accounts debited same or next day

  • 24 hour account access with full reporting

  • Funds cleared through the Federal Reserve

  • ACH Rules do not apply - Echeck Services are not governed by NACHA!

  • Easy Approval

  • Simple online application

  • No signature required before approval

  • Photo ID and Utility bill are all that are required in most cases for supporting documents

  • It takes about 10 minutes to complete the application online

  • Secure Batch File Processing - For merchants who have the capability of creating a file to be securely transmitted to our processing servers.

  • Virtual Terminal - Internet-based terminal.

  • Web Payments - Allows you to receive web payments through your existing web site. Shopping Cart API Integration.

  • Real-time Payment Processing Integration - Typically for larger merchants who need to link their proprietary front-end or back-end systems directly into our real-time payment gateway.

Improve Sales with High Risk Electronic Check Processor

Improve your sales and increase your cash flow by adding electronic check payments (EFT) to your company's acceptable forms of payment. This form of payment is ideal for B2B sales, since many businesses will not want to pay with a credit card. For standard internet, high risk or moto business, accepting electronic check payments can improve your sales by 10 to 20% High Risk Electronic "E-check" payments are less expensive than credit cards and have a lower risk of charge-back.

High Risk E-checks are also ideal for recurring payments. If you have customers making regular monthly, quarterly, or other scheduled payments, our system can process these payments automatically. This will save you a lot of money and time in processing, and is a great selling point to your customers. This form of payment will work for almost all businesses. Most merchants, new or established, will have no problem being accepted. You can have your account set up within 2 to 3 business days.