Check By Phone E-Check Payment Gateway Solutions

Etelcharge #1 High Risk Check Processor


Does your business need to accept high risk check transactions? We have your processing solution to assure that you business has the payment tools it needs. We specialize in Check 21 Product, EFT products that have the ability to accept high risk transactions.

Check 21 – Financial Transactions You Can Depend On Remember the first time you wrote a check to pay a bill or make a purchase? It seemed so detached, and was hard to imagine that this little piece of paper would actually result in money being delivered from your bank account to the account of the business that you were patronizing. These days, payment processing services have become far more advanced, but people still need checking accounts to handle their bills and help them to keep track of the money that they have available for expenses. If you’re looking for a faster and more efficient way to handle your business accounts, you might consider Check 21 services.

If you’ve never heard of Check 21 before, you should know that it is a commonly used way to refer to the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act. Established by Congress in 2003, this law stated that it was legal for a business to create a digital version of an original check received as payment for goods and services, and use this digital substitution to eliminate the need to continue handling the paper document. Remember that first check you wrote? Chances are it was sent from the company, to their bank, and on to your bank before its journey was completed and the transaction processed. This results in time delays and creates accounting difficulties.

Thanks to Check 21, it has become possible for banks and businesses to create electronic copies of checks for remote deposits, meaning that companies who utilize these processing services will no longer have to gather up the day’s checks and transport them manually to the bank before they can be processed. Instead, the transaction can take place completely online, saving business owners’ time and money, and ensuring that the balance visible on your accounts is as accurate as possible at all times.

If you’re interested in using services that are possible because of Check 21, you should know that it is difficult to set up these systems all on your own, especially if you are a new or relatively small business. Instead, you can work with an independent financial services provider to establish a streamlined system for processing checks electronically. This small investment in your business will have a big impact on the speed and accuracy of your payment processing. You’ll also be able to increase the security of your accounts, and track all checks online whenever you want.